Foundational Boating Course

Saturday's | 9:00am - 4:00pm

This one-day classroom course is the academic portion required for anyone looking to earn a Safe Powerboat Handling or Basic Powerboat Cruising certification. Neither is complete without the on the water portion of their respective classes. If you have prearranged private lessons aboard your own boat with Chicago Yacht Academy to fulfill your on the water course requirements, then this is the class that you're looking for. If you are solely interested in growing your knowledge about basic navigation, rules, and requirements on the water, then this is a good fit for you.

Classroom Session includes but is not limited to

  • Safety, prep & weather
  • Maneuvering concepts
  • Registration & capacities
  • Equipment requirements
  • Prep & fueling procedures
  • Navigation and rules of the road
  • Aids to navigation
  • Environmental regulations

Additional details:

  • Prerequisites: none
  • Ages 13-Adult
  • Cost: $300 which includes all books and materials needed